About the Artist, Stacey Mayo,


Artist Statement for Stacey Mayo

Stacey works intuitively and spontaneously, allowing her paintings and illustrations to unfold. When other people tend to ask “why?, she asks “why not?” She creates her art and her life from this place. She is a prolific painter and does not limit herself to any one style or medium.

She enjoys doing abstracts, illustrations, portraits/figures, beach art, nature and wildlife art. She uses oil pastels, watercolor, acrylics, spray paint, digital art, and photography

With abstracts, she usually starts with no concept in mind and allows the painting to unfold. She also enjoys doing ocean and nature abstracts as well as street art abstracts.

One of her greatest abilities is bringing colors together to create beautiful art.


Her most recent project is:

A Diversity of Abstract Paintings:

 This includes over 30 abstract paintings on canvas. Sizes vary from 10” x 10” to 36” x 48”

 Some of the paintings are not on her website.


Previous projects include:


  1. A Vogue Art Poster Series with female cartoon icons such as Betty, Veronica and Catwoman.


  • A Rock Star Series including portraits of Stevie Wonder in Concert, Sir Mick Jagger, Bono, and Shania Twain.


  • Lucky Duck Art. This is a series of products she created from a painting she calls “Lucky Duck. She found lucky duck in a park in Florida, photographed him and later painted a caricature of him, which is very endearing.




You can contact me at 828-551-3600 regarding any of the art that is for sale on this site or other art you would like me to create for you or exhibit opportunities.

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